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Wanna get to know the Eighth Doctor?


How could you say no to this?


Hey y’all, I’m going to stream the Eighth Doctor’s movie at about 8:30pm Central US time! (At least, I’ll aim for then — all child variables being favorable.) I’ll post a link when the stream is live!

I feel like I should warn you all that he doesn’t actually die naked in this film.

He does come back to life naked, though, for what that’s worth. 

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Hey, Eight Fans (especially Eighth Doctor Adventures fans) I am in need of your expertise:

Is Vampire Science the book in which the Grace-Holloway-but-not (serial numbers filed off Expy) shows up? 

If so, what’s her name? Because I’m about a quarter of the way in but haven’t spotted her yet, and maybe I’m just confused. 

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Story Time!



It was Time Traveler Weekend at the Renaissance Festival. One of the events yesterday was a time traveler costume contest. Most, though not all, entrants were Doctor Who related. I was one of the last on stage. This gave me time to practice my shpiel.


"Hello! I’m the Doctor, from the…

Very much in the spirit of Eight

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djrocca87 asked: I hope you enjoy it and if you ever want a Drabble or something prompt away :D I would love to work with her character more

You bet!

(Followers, if you are also interested in Eight & Cass—shipwise or just as a friendship or AU possibility or whatever—it looks like the ship sort of has a captain? ^^^ At last!)

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